High-Power electric

hub motors

Environmental sensing

High Voltage

Li-Ion Battery

Failsafe Hydraulic/

Electric Brake System



Integrated air


Compact Design

Developed according to ISO26262 and UN ECE regulations

Open interface for driver system

Remote Data Access




People Mover




HFM provides a Motionboard® platform for customized interior designs on special customers’ requests in different dimensions.

Cargo Mover



A Motionboard®- based vehicle can be defined in any length, width and height, depending on customer’s request.


The Motionboard® is an accessible platform that has an universal approach to enable as many people as possible.




VR Designs

The Motionboard can be used as a people or cargo mover. On customer requests HFM creates different design proposals to receive a feedback and work together on possible modifications. 

In Virtual Reality HFM presents the designs and reviews the vehicle package and the interior elements together with the customers .


Road legal vehicle platform

Road legal
vehicle platform

The Motionboard® is a modular, adaptable vehicle Platform. It is able to provide a street legal basis for a wide array of concepts which require a safe and functional, electrically driven chassis. Developed according to ISO26262 and applicable vehicle certification standards, the Motionboard® is the fastest way to bring your idea of an electric vehicle to life. Motionboard® is road legal and completely ready to use.

Quality engineering

The first Motionboard® was built by a passionate team in Aichelau, Germany in December 2017 and had its first autonomous voyage in February 2018. Production has since moved from prototype build to consolidated production process.


Ready-to-use Motionboard® includes:

  • Advanced package and concept: The Motionboard in its “body-on-frame” concept serves as a foundation for a multitude of applications and can significantly reduce the time to market​

  • Lightweight ladder frame made from aluminum​

  • Front Axle: State of the art air suspended double wishbone suspension for maximized wheel travel and increased steering angle, stabilizer for top heavy vehicles and improved...




  • M1 - fully electric vehicle platform

  • GVM: 3500 kg

  • Kerb weight: 1050 kg


  • length: 4100 - 6500 mm

  • width: 2000 mm

  • height: 700 mm (tire size)

  • wheelbase: 2750 - 4300 mm

  • track: 1760 mm

  • ground clearance: 180 mm (230 mm in lift mode)

  • step height: 230 mm...





As an element of future holistic mobility eco systems, autonomous people moving is one answer to challenges posed by the increase of traffic and mobilityneeds. The Motionboard® presents the perfect foundation for demand driven, autonomous fleets of innovative vehicle systems. As a proof, HFM and partners built Busbee, the first shared, connected...


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