Vehicle Monitoring Solutions

For applications aiming at data-driven insight from vehicle fleets, HFM offers a plug-and-play black box device for collection and storage of all data running through the onboard communication. The system is suitable for any vehicle using the CAN-protocol and can transmit the data via LTE or WiFi to cloud based services for real-life or in-depth analysis. The package optionally includes tools for visualization and consulting for data analysis. It gets you started with applications like analytic or predictive maintenance of vehicles and fleets in no time!​


Vehicle Data

The smarter and more connected cars get - autonomous or not - the more data flows through and between them. This information is ranging from physical properties like velocity, accelerations, engine performance, fuel consumption or brake pressure over soft data like vehicle location, passenger count or mood recognition to environmental data like weather conditions, traffic situation or road quality. The introduction of 5G will enable vehicle-to-vehicle or vehicle-to-infrastructure communication that will yield large amounts of meta data on the vehicle and road network. Data is the fuel for most modern network services, AI applications and optimized solutions. Vehicle-based mobility is no exception from this. Understanding the underlying dynamics of a complex system is vital to make the most of it and this insight can most of the time only be obtained with data acquisition.

Data Collection

Even though new network types are data flows in different networks onboard the modern vehicles, most commonly being CAN, Flexray and Ethernet, depending on the safety relevance of the information. HFM developed a device that attaches in read-only mode to the vehicle CAN and stores the desired data with configured precision and frequency in a local time database. The data can be transmitted to a remote server using WiFi or LTE.

Data Analysis

HFM offers help for analysing the data to gather the best insight from it. Depending on the application and time span of the data acquisition fleet behavior can be optimized or individual vehicle predictive maintenance can be implemented to minimize off-time.

Getting started

You have a fleet of vehicles and want it to run more effectively? You are running a transport service and want to find out how to make it more profitable? You have vehicles in the workshop often because of unexpected failed parts? Contact us to see how we can help you!

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